Define Your Values for the New Year

Before the age of the internet, cell phones, and GPS, when lost explorers were in need of finding their way home, they turned to the compass.

Reliable, trustworthy, and ever-consistent, the compass still remains a vital navigation tool within any traveler's journey.

In the journey of life and love, we are faced with many forks in the road. When making decisions, we must rely on our internal compass, our values, to show us the right way. Just like a compass leading a sailor safely to shore, when our lives feel like they're going South, turning to our values will direct us back North.

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Mark Your Calendar! 5 Signs 2022 is Your Year for Love

For many of us, 2022 means more than just buying a cute, new calendar to hang on the wall (although that’s always my favorite part). The new year represents renewal, a fresh start, and an opportunity to clearly set our intentions for the future--especially when it comes to finding love.

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