February is here, love is in the air, and Valentine’s day is on its way.

Whether it be with a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne, or a box of heart-shaped chocolates, this annual celebration of love presents the perfect opportunity to express your feelings for the special someone in your life.

But, what if you and that special someone are still unclear on your shared relationship status?

There comes a point in any long-term relationship that you and your partner must define the relationship (DTR). This conversation can mean making things exclusive between the two of you, continuing dating casually, or maybe just to keep hanging out just as friends—anything else that fits how you both feel.

What’s important is that it’s openly communicated between each partner and that the feelings are mutually shared.

Approaching the “What-Are-We?” topic is never a particularly fun conversation to have. In the back of your mind lurks the possibility of them feeling differently, wanting to take things slower, or rush things too soon.

rosesWhile just the idea of DTR can be a bit anxiety-inducing, openly expressing your feelings to your partner is one of the most important and necessary aspects in any relationship.

Just as important, however, is knowing when to do so.

If you DTR too soon, you risk looking overly eager. Too late, and you appear uninterested and commitment-avoidant.

Thankfully, for all those undefined daters out there, on the horizon comes a virtually risk-free opportunity to DTR.

Valentine’s Day is designed for lovers to share their feelings for each other, making it the perfect time to establish “What We Are.”

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to make things official between you and your boo, the holiday of love might just be it.

Yet, February 14th is coming up quick—so, time is of the essence.

If you and your partner have yet to have “the talk” before then, expect to find yourself in a situation even stickier than those caramel-filled candies you planned to share together.

Still figuring out your feelings for your Valentine? Take this simple quiz to find out whether or not to DTR this V Day!