Julie Ferman

Matchmaker, Julie Ferman Associates

“Charlee and Megan have created something truly exceptional by collaborating with other matchmakers. This sets them apart and puts them in a league of their own. I would expect nothing less of Charlee Brotherton!”

Paul Brunson

Founder and CEO of Brunson Holdings
TV Celebrity, Public Speaker, Matchmaker

“Paul is much more than a matchmaker…” Oprah Winfrey

“Charlee Brotherton is hands down the most successful CEO of any matchmaking agency in the world.”

Genevieve Gresset

Genvieve Zawada

CEO at Elect Club

“I find it brilliant how Executive Matchmakers is collaborating with other matchmaking firms in the US to best serve their clients. This is so innovative and unique to this industry. Truly one of a kind agency!”

Rachel MacLynn

The Vida Consultancy

“I have worked with Megan for many years and was very fortunate to be her business partner in 2013. She is a recognized leader throughout the matchmaking industry and I am 100% supportive of all her professional endeavors.”

Lisa Clampitt

President of the Matchmaking Institute, author, and celebrity

“I love the fact the Megan B and Charlee B have always been so collaborative with other matchmakers around the world. They see the real benefit to their clients, matchmaking with a global reach.”