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Anniversary Traditions That Keep Happy Couples Happy

In the early years of parenthood, it’s easy to forget to how important it is to keep the romance alive with time for just the two of you. Pick somewhere dreamy that reflects the things you enjoy together. Pick somewhere dreamy that reflects the things you enjoy together. Read More…

5 Pretty Genius Ways To Turn Him On Without Touching 

The eyes are the window into the soul, and they’re also going to turn you into a really good flirt, Charlee Brotherton, matchmaker and founder of Executive Matchmakers, says. “So much can be transmitted through how you look at someone and how you move around them.” Read More…

How To Prep Your Bedroom For A Big Date | Complete Gentlemen’s Guide

“Women are keen observers, and without you even realizing it, your date will be taking in clues about who you are from the smallest details in your home, “ says Charlee Brotherton, top matchmaker and founder of Executive Matchmakers.  “What she’s looking for are signs of maturity and availability.”  Read More…

Meet The Matchmakers Who Set Up Dates For Google Executives For A £15,000 Fee

You might think Silicon Valley’s tech entrepreneurs and executives at companies like Google would use online dating to find a partner. But instead, many of them turn to professional matchmaking services to find love. Read More…

MATCHMAKING: Closing The Love Gap In Silicon Valley

There are dating apps aplenty these days, but the experience can be inefficient on both sides of the equation. The lopsided experience – not to mention the time investment required for busy professionals – means that traditional matchmaking services like Executive Matchmakers, offering personalized experiences and candidate screening as opposed to rapid-fire algorithms, are making a comeback. Read More….

Matchmaking Service Takes On Some Of Bay Area’s Toughest Clients: Techies

What’s even harder than recruiting a great engineer in Silicon Valley? Recruiting a date. Executive Matchmakers, aimed at busy techies is looking to change just that. CEO Charlee Brotherton, a veteran of the matchmaking industry, says “We’re very much like a headhunter would be for a business, but for someone’s love life,” she says. “And our busy clients see that value of what we do.” Read More….

New Bay Area Matchmaking Firm Targets Niche Market: Wealthy Single Men

A typical client is too busy for traditional online dating and is willing to pay Buquen and her staff to find a single woman who’s right for him in the company’s “Proprietary Black Book,” a database with a growing number of what the firm describes as “the most beautiful, eligible and desirable single women in Northern California.” Read More

How Many People You Should Date Before Settling Down, According To Experts

The real danger comes from settling down before you are feeling ready. The decision needs to come from inside, not from external pressure. Otherwise, when push comes to shove in a relationship, it’s going to be hard to stick it out. Read More

— Charlee Brotherton, relationship expert and founder of Executive Matchmaker

Marin Matchmaking Firm Targets Niche Market: Wealthy Single Men

How many single, well-to-do men in Marin County, Silicon Valley and other wealthy Bay Area enclaves would pay for the chance to meet the woman of their dreams? Quite a few, according to Executive Matchmakers, a new Marin-based firm that is believed to be the first and only match-making service exclusively for men of means. Read More

9 Matchmakers Share Their Best Dating Advice For Singles

So in honor of the professionals who pair us up when we’re too busy to date,not finding quality matches, or choosing the wrong people again (and again), let’s celebrate the holiday with matchmakers’ best dating advice. Here’s the best advice the pros who save us from swiping on mirror selfie after mirror selfie have to offer singles about how to date better:  Read More

9 Easy Ways to Help Your Antisocial Husband Make Friends

If you want your dude to get a life, you need this expert advice.

“Ultimately, making friends is his responsibility,” says Charlee Brotherton, relationship expert and CEO of Executive Matchmakers. “Rather than twisting his arm to make plans, consider doing more group activities and inviting your husband so that he can establish the friendship until it is more natural for them to initiate plans with each other.” Read More…

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Paul Brunson

Founder and CEO of Brunson Holdings
TV Celebrity, Public Speaker, Matchmaker

“Paul is much more than a matchmaker…” Oprah Winfrey

“Charlee Brotherton is hands down the most successful CEO of any matchmaking agency in the world.”

Lisa Clampitt

President of the Matchmaking Institute, author, and celebrity

“I love the fact the Megan B and Charlee B have always been so collaborative with other matchmakers around the world. They see the real benefit to their clients, matchmaking with a global reach.”

Julie Ferman

Matchmaker, Julie Ferman Associates

“Charlee and Megan have created something truly exceptional by collaborating with other matchmakers. This sets them apart and puts them in a league of their own.  I would expect nothing less of Charlee Brotherton!”

Genvieve Zawada

CEO at Elect Club

I find it brilliant how Executive Matchmakers is collaborating with other matchmaking firms in the US to best serve their clients.  This is so innovative and unique to this industry. Truly one of a kind agency!”

Rachel MacLynn

The Vida Consultancy 

“I have worked with Megan for many years and was very fortunate to be her business partner in 2013. She is a recognized leader throughout the matchmaking industry and I am 100% supportive of all her professional endeavours.”