Client Reviews

“Everyone thinks they are different and special. Lindsay is someone who understands that to be 100% true. We are all unicorns in one way or another. My life as a child, an adult, a career minded professional, a dad, and the product of a marriage that grew apart has turned me into someone that knows who he is, but struggles to know what I want or need in a partner. Lindsay listens, I mean really listens, to understand someone’s life and gauges their personality and values with a highly accurate lens.  She applies that same lens to the women that are looking for a partner. While I am early in the process, I could not be more impressed with Lindsay’s ability to match common characteristics and valued differences between two people. Lindsay doesn’t match people based on comparable “looks” or an algorithmic approach by cross-referencing preferences or demographics. Instead, Lindsay invests the time to understand people and uses her skilled intuition of her trade to connect two people that may be a match far deeper than at a surface level.  When you get matched by Lindsay it is entirely different than the blind roulette wheel of dating apps.”

-Anonymous, Executive

“I have used other matchmaking services in the past, and all of them pale in comparison. So is Lindsay and the Executive Matchmakers team worth it?…..You betcha!

Here’s why…
Not only does she take the time to match you with the right person, but she provides support along the way with whomever you are dating. Any situation you want to get her opinion on, she will cheerfully share what to do. I have not heard of any other matchmaking service that offers a PERSONAL DATING COACH, after you get matched. Lindsay is there to follow my journey from beginning to end and it is priceless. I can’t begin to tell you how hiring Lindsay and team was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. After all we are all looking for love.

I highly recommend Lindsay and team to anyone that is looking for the right life partner. I will stake my reputation on it!!”

– Anonymous, Executive

“I’ve had a good experience meeting two wonderful women making my choice a difficult one. I really appreciate the one on one service to help me through the dating process.”

-Scott L.

“When I first decided to sign on with Executive Matchmakers, I had doubts they could really find a perfect match for me. Then I talked to Lindsay. We talked for several hours that first week, I could tell then she really wanted to get to know me as best as possible-my personality, interests, passions and what I was looking for in a lifelong companion. I could immediately tell she was committed to really understanding what I’m all about with the goal to find the perfect match for me.

Now after I have really got to my match, we both have realized that you were spot on in your choice. We both get along great with our circle of friends and share the same interests. We have so much fun together, it’s like we’ve known each other for a long time.

I have found everything I’ve been looking for! The only thing we argue about is who loves each other the most!

Thank you Lindsay and team for finding my perfect match.”

-Anonymous, President/Owner

“This is an elegant and thoughtful way to meet people. The women I have met really are exceptional! I am beyond happy with the staff at Executive Matchmakers and the personalized service I received. Thank you.”

-Howard S.

“The thing I’m most thankful for is the time and care they’ve taken to understand my personality, my likes, needs and desires as a person! Their understanding of the type of woman I’m looking for has matched me with truly wonderful candidates throughout my experience.

They could not have done a better job in matching me with the right person and going the extra mile, in so many intangible ways. The team’s ability to understand and read my needs were impressive to say the least, and much better than I understand them myself! Their judgement, instruction, instinct and leadership has made this experience exceptional! Now that I’ve been introduced, I’m starting to build a relationship with an amazing woman. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better or more heartfelt job. They’ve been simply outstanding on every level. Lindsay and team, all I can do is humbly thank you!”

– Anonymous, CEO

“I was newly divorced after 20-years of marriage. Dating and meeting other singles had changed a lot since my college days. As a former US Congressman, I didn’t want to post my profile on the Internet for all my constituents to see. A friend recommended Executive Matchmakers. They have made it so easy to meet exceptional single women. They do all the vetting for me. The experience has been nothing but top notch!”

-Bill S.