Expect Exceptional. Never Settle

Executive Matchmakers’ Signature Match is our innovative and proven six-prong matching process for introducing successful relationship-minded single men to exceptional single women. With Signature Match, we individually tailor each client’s personal search based on our client’s matchmaking preferences.

The initial interview is two-fold. It allows you to get to know us and for us to answer all your questions about how we work. In addition, it allows us to review your initial profile and to confirm you meet our criteria for becoming a client. This is how we ensure everyone we work with is a good fit for our agency and a strong candidate for meeting our exceptional single men and women.

Once you are selected as a client, you will have an in-depth consultation with your matchmaker to determine what is most important in your personal search criteria. Your matchmaker will prove to be your guide and confidant – as well as your cheerleader – throughout the process. This stage is all about clarifying what you are looking for. We are experts at getting to the heart of what is most important to you so we can get to work finding your perfect match.

Once your criteria are clearly defined, we will reach out to our Gold Circle Matchmakers as well as our Personal Scouts in the locations where you wish to date. This is where the ‘dream team’ gets to work searching for potential matches. The net is cast wide, drawing upon our Executive Club program and the databases of our network of matchmakers. In addition, our Personal Scouts will begin a rigorous headhunter-type search within their networks and beyond.

Any potential singles who have been chosen as your match undergo an in-depth screening process. This includes a screening and a personal interview to make sure we are introducing you to your best possible match. Once we feel confident about a potential match, you will be presented with a comprehensive profile that contains photos and pertinent information so you can decide if you would like us to make the introduction.

This is where all the initial work pays off. You get to meet the finalists of our comprehensive search for your perfect match. At this point, you are provided with pertinent contact information of your match. Generally, we encourage you to plan the date, since a date best reflects your personality and lifestyle, however our team is here to support you with venue selection, including making the reservations for your first date. Your matchmaker will also provide pre- and post-date coaching to ensure you have a positive experience and, after the date, help you decide if you would like to pursue things further with a particular introduction.

After each introduction, your matchmaker will be the first person you talk to. We want to hear all about your date. What went well and what could have gone better. This allows us to refine our search so we can bring you closer to your perfect match. The benefit of having a third party involved with your dating is that we get input from both parties, so you don’t have to wonder what the other person is thinking. Most of the time, after a successful match, clients will decide to put their membership on hold to explore a relationship further with their match.