Matchmakers Are Your Dating Headhunters.

When we talk to potential new clients, a fair number admit that they never thought of hiring someone to help them with their love life until they stumble upon an article or ad for matchmaking. For many successful men and women, it just makes sense right away. Dating is a time investment in hopes of eventually finding a long-term relationship. Alternatively, the online dating screen often produces endless profile scrolling, bad matches, and requires a massive time investment.

Matchmakers are your dating efficiency, love life headhunters! We cut your time spent on dating screens down to zero. Instead of you spending hours scrolling through Tinder, Match, OkCupid, or others, we search our massive “Little Black Book” and use our Personal Scouts to find you high-quality dates. If you are still unsure about the benefits of hiring a matchmaker, keep reading. We’ll explain why matchmaking services have the potential for a high ROI for those looking for real love.

What’s More Important than Selection of a Life Partner?

You may be wondering why a successful person would hire a matchmaker when they are capable of dating on their own. Consulting with a professional when you are making life-changing decisions is normal! Many of our clients find dating one of their biggest challenges. While they may dominate in the boardroom, dating is a whole different set of challenges that anyone can struggle with.

If you want the best version of your life, why leave that to chance? Matchmakers not only find you a selection of curated singles, but they can act as dating coaches. Matchmakers let you focus on the experience and the joys of dating, not the searching. Plus did we mention background checks? We screen prospective dates so you don’t have to stress.

Dating Apps Are a Time Suck

Everyone who has used a dating app or website knows that you can spend countless hours scrolling through profiles and sending messages. That’s what apps and dating sites are built to do! If you are a discerning dater, why waste your time? Plus there are security and privacy concerns. Do you want your personal life out there for anyone with a profile to potentially find? How can you verify that a profile and person are real? It takes even more time to investigate and verify that someone isn’t exaggerating or just flat out lying.

Weddings and Divorces Cost Lots of Money

Relationships are an investment. Not only are the financial costs high, but so is the emotional toll. The wrong person can become a real drain on your energy and focus. Have you ever existed in a relationship where it felt like the other person was draining the life from you? A bad relationship or marriage can have a lasting negative impact on your life.

Don’t you deserve someone who enhances your life? An experienced matchmaker is going to reduce the chances you waste time on a bad relationship and help you find the long-lasting relationship you want. Live your life to its full potential by dating high-quality singles who can complement your lifestyle.

Matchmakers Are Social Connectors

In his book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell introduced the concept of certain types of people being critical to the building of our social networks. One of these types is Social Connectors. Social Connectors are people who cross social circles and boundaries to facilitate introductions. They excel and enjoy bringing people together with mutual goals or values. At Executive Matchmakers, our team of Scouts and Matchmakers naturally includes Social Connectors. Utilizing these human social engineers, you can broaden your network and expand the chances you find a compatible match.

Practical Dating Advice and Coaching

Wondering what to wear on your date or how to interpret something your date said? Executive Matchmakers provide invaluable personalized advice to our clients and the accomplished singles who get to date our clients.

Wise individuals, like your family and friends, can give you good advice. However, they often lack the wide experience of matchmakers. Chances are we have helped a client deal with a similar problem or situation. Plus we aren’t afraid to tackle your biggest dating challenges and we will be there when it gets tough. If you hesitate to call on family or friends, you shouldn’t hesitate to call on us.

Hiring a Matchmaker Sets Love as a Priority

Ever bought new exercise equipment or clothing in preparation for putting greater emphasis on your fitness? Hiring a personal matchmaker is a lot like buying new exercise equipment. It’s taking your goal, a long-lasting relationship, and putting resources behind your chosen strategy. When you commit to this process, you are making finding love a priority in your life.

Private and Confidential Dating Screen

Completing an online dating profile can seem harmless unless you are wealthy, an accomplished individual, or extremely attractive. Making your dating life public on a website or app can lead to all sorts of dangerous or uncomfortable situations. Personal Matchmakers are a discreet and private service where confidentiality agreements are a normal part of employee contracts. We don’t share or sell your information, unlike others in the dating industry. Our private secure database of accomplished singles is only used for finding our clients the best dating experience of their lives.

Invest in Finding Love through Executive Matchmakers

Executive Matchmakers has one of the largest dating databases in the United States. Our highly qualified and trained Matchmakers will set you up with other accomplished singles, without all the annoyances of online dating. We perform background checks to ensure safety, and we coach you on your journey to your next meaningful relationship. Whether you are venturing into dating again after divorce, or just not found the right one yet, we can provide you the best opportunity to find the relationship of your dreams. Stop wasting time browsing online, instead invest your time and energy into meeting curated singles who have the same high standards.