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Darci is a content writer for Executive Matchmakers. With a background in psychology, they specialize in creating science-focused blogs for our readers. They believe that self-discovery is the key to finding a great relationship, and they are passionate about helping people nurture the amazing connections in their lives. They love all things reality tv, especially a good matchmaking show.

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Overcoming Avoidant Attachment

What is avoidant attachment? Learn how to spot the signs of avoidant attachment. Get expert advice to overcome attachment issues and have healthy relationships.

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Why Do People Cheat in Relationships?

Delve into the motivations, emotional pitfalls, and societal pressures that pave the way to infidelity. In this post, we examine the factors driving unfaithfulness, providing you with the insights needed to safeguard your relationship. Arm yourself with knowledge to confront the hard-hitting truths, fortify trust, and cultivate lasting connections.

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Why Your Brain is the Most Powerful Sex Organ

Delve into the intriguing link between neuroscience and sexuality. Take a look at the science behind desire and pleasure, as we examine what is happening in your brain at different parts of physical intimacy.

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12 Alternatives to the Question “What Do You Do for Work?

Rise above traditional small talk and foster genuine connections on your next date, with these 12 fun, thought-provoking conversation questions.

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How to Have a Successful Second Marriage

When you walk down the aisle for the second time, it’s different. It's not just saying "I do" again; it’s saying yes to a second chance at lifelong love and connection. In remarriages, we may feel extra pressure about what's at stake, but with teamwork, understanding, and solid communication, finding success in a second marriage is wonderfully possible.

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5 Signs You’re Ready for a Serious Relationship

Discover the key indicators that signal you're truly prepared for a deep and meaningful connection. Explore the 5 signs that suggest you're ready to take the plunge into a serious relationship. From emotional maturity to true compatibility, find out if you're on the right path to lasting love.

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What to Wear on a Date According to Science

You know what it’s like to get ready for a date. The nerves, the excitement, the clothes strewn all over the floor as you look for something—anything—to wear. Deciding on a date outfit can be nervewracking, and it’s the last thing you need to worry about before meeting your next potential Mr. Right. That’s why we’ve studied the research and expert opinion to create your ultimate guide for what to wear on a first date.

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The Secret to a Long Life? Love.

Love, family, and friendship are basic human needs. People around the world consider their relationships with family and close friends as their most significant source of meaning, purpose, and motivation in their lives. This is for a very good reason—studies have shown that not having enough social connections increases the chances of dying by at least 50%. If that’s shocking to hear, just wait. Social isolation has serious and far-reaching consequences for our health and well-being. Science has many theories on how to live past 100, but there’s one that stands above the rest. Of all the “secrets” to living a long life, the truth to longevity might just lie in our ability to deeply connect with one another.

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Explaining the Chemistry of Lust

When we talk about love and lust, we're diving into the feelings that make human connections so complicated. It's not just about the excitement and nervousness; there's a whole emotional landscape at play. And that’s not to mention the explosion of chemical reactions happening all around your brain and body, making you feel a million things all at once.

Lust and love might seem like similar experiences on the surface. Truthfully, they aren’t all that different from a chemistry standpoint. They both cause faster heartbeats and sweaty palms, and they both make your brain light up like a Christmas tree. If we look deeper, however, we can see they have some key differences.

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Are you Dating or Interviewing?

When you’re a busy professional, carving out time for a date is a challenge. Nobody wants to feel like they’ve wasted their time, but this is even more important when you’ve got to be awake at 5am tomorrow morning. It’s tempting, then, to turn a first date into an interview of sorts.

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